About Us

Today the company Ferro-Term proudly offer to their customers superior products of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and equipment for heating and solar, across 16 Croatian retail centers.
Within this broad concept of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and equipment for central and solar heating in our range you will find:

Ceramic tiles

We represent a wide range of applications, colors, and sizes. With our offer are  managed large investors needs, such as hotel facilities, sports centers and large residential facilities (for more info go to references) to retail customers whose needs are quantitatively less but expectations of quality and diversification are even greater. .

The offer can of ceramic tiles is for all purposes, from the bathroom to the kitchen and living room, floor and wall, in imitation of stone, wood and even leather, decors, borders, external coverings for patios, gardens, tiles for swimming pools, as well as all other material required for the installation, adhesives, joints, preparation, profiles, and more, to make your personal space got your desired dimension.

Sanitary equipment

Offer in which we classify all of bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, mixers, showers, lockers, toilets, bidets, sauna and others, in all colors, sizes and materials for your every desire. Offer of sanitary equipment is made from the world famous brands, technology and innovations that day to day fallow world designers and changes to all the technological features and its range and adapt to market needs. Today's decorating bathroom space has become a true art and all thanks to the top designers, who each day invent new trends and launch new products, so we can be sure that our offer can meet those with the highest expectations. As already mentioned before, Fero-Term is adapting to the needs of the customer, so the entire offer is in all price categories, ranging from inexpensive, available to everyone to those of more expensive items.

Heating and cooling

We are here to give your home and any other space warmth, with the most technologically advanced equipment and materials provided by word known producer. Included in heating offer, radiators that we provide are made of high quality cold-rolled steel, up to European standards, which are designed to react almost instantaneously to changes of temperature, which provides a constant internal temperature.

Also there are indispensable boilers of all types of fuel and all volumes.

Solar heating

Also, we proudly present solar heating systems, new revolution in heating equipment, which is not only the most ecological option, it is also, in the long term, economically the most favorable for the consumer.

Today's solar energy technology has reached such a level of development that is seen even from the aesthetic side, and is also considered to be a decoration on a house roof.